Laguna Beach, California is once again bursting in color this summer with its renowned ‘Sawdust Art Festival.’ Considered the largest in Southern California, this summer long fest runs from now until September 1st and this main event that is a delight to art devotees, collectors, and novice artists

Restricted to residents only, the novice or accomplished veteran artists display their work together at this popular fest. Every show is distinctive from the previous year and is happening highlight for so many rather than a conventional exhibit.

Orginally called 'The Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, California¡ in 1965, but after 1967, it became known as the Sawdust Festival. Due to struggling the rain and mud of that’s year event, participating artists threw sawdust on the ground to safeguard the visitors and hence its 'new' name was formed. 

Many artists demonstrate their art techniques in booths and the public is welcomed to join in and participate.  The heart and soul of its inception is apparent and the Sawdust Art Festival aims to visualize itself as a positive event. Keeping with practice of years gone by, the sawdust still goes down, and the organizers have put together an enticing program of entertainment.  The atmosphere is filled with music and art and crowds who keep coming back year after year.

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