There’s still time to burn off that extra winter/spring weight.  While this may seem like a Herculean task, especially at the time of year where most people are busy trying to relax, the truth couldn’t be further from this idea. Burning up those calories can be an incredibly easy feat and, as the following tips will show you, can be often simpler and less stressful then punishing yourself at a gym. Here are those tips that have been reported around town:

  • Walk more

Studies have shown that after walking up and having a light breakfast, a walk for 15 minutes will jump start the metabolism to a higher level. With a moving and grooving lifestyle, the calories will burn off faster.

  • Reduce Stress

One of the biggest problems that one can have of their metabolism is stress. Stress can slow down the metabolism more, so take some time out of the day to breathe deeply and just relax.

  • Do Cardio

Some exercise is needed in order to cut down those calories and cardio is the best kind. Researchers have shown that after a 45 minute cycling session, at least 190 calories were cut off after 14 hours. This is great news for those wanting to lose weight.

  • Snack before Bed

While this may seem like an oxymoron, eating before bed can perk up the metabolism and continue to burn more calories while asleep. Only choose a healthy snack.

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