For those of us who are plagued and troubled with constant face problems, the different types of solutions can be confusing. Which one do we use? How often do we use it? Is it safe or will it cause some side effects? Well, worry no longer as numerous dermatologists have come up with the perfect solution to those troubles.

Most dermatologists have agreed that the best way to help your face is to add a serum to your daily routine prior to moisturizing and makeup. However, there are several things that people must know before applying them:

  • First, a serum is slightly different from a cream by the way that it thinner, lighter and is more focused on certain areas such as removing fine lines or dark spots.
  • Serums are water based which means they can do more to help the face, but this does not mean that they are any way superior to creams, it is up to the personal preference of the applier to judge which one they want.
  • You can use a serum with moisturizer, but be aware that, not only does serums often have a moisturizing agent in it, but that mixing too many different types of ingredients can irritate the skin and only cause it to break out even worse. 
  • If one chooses to put on both cream and serum, put on the serum first on your skin. Then, after waiting for a few minutes, put on the cream, moisturizer, sunscreen or other product.

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