Remembering the styles of the 1960s invokes images such as beehive hair styles and thin as a rail stilettos one minute and Mary Quant make-up. Barbie doll’s with pony tails and bubble cuts, and Hush Puppies shoe and go-go boots were the norm.

Then along came a hairdresser from London who changed women’s hair from being rolled, teased and sprayed  to become much less maintenance and more attractive.

Vidal Sassoon and his geometric precision cuts had hair dryers and rollers happily thrown out the window by women everywhere. A woman was able to finally get a good night’s sleep for a change instead of tossing and turning with plastic rods on her skull. His coif designs were instrumental in creating the  blow dryer. This was mass-marketed to the consumer and today it is an essential appliance in every household for hair styling . The blow dryer became a girl´s new best friend forever.

This season, there‘s no question that wearable looks are pinnacle and easy to maintain.  After washing use the low setting on the blow dryer and try these top trends.

  • Summertime tends to bring the ponytail and this season it is worn low on the nape of the neck.   
  • Braids are huge especially at the beach. They are being done with a front part and tie tightly in a crisscross direction.
  • Make a statement with the attractive hair accessories showing up in the stores. They range from blossoming flowers, jeweled barrettes a la Gatsby and in wild patterned headbands.

While looking great on the beach, lay back in the sun and listen to the songs of summer with an iPod.

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