Sadly, it appears the fashion and beauty world has lost one of its most vibrant and memorable stars who change the way women wore their hair. That VIP of coifs was none other than world famous hairdresser and stylist Kenneth Battelle.  

Kenneth, who was born in 1927, first became interested in hair styling in 1950. He arrived at the famous Helena Rubinstein’s famous 5th Street shop. Being fresh out of a stint in the Navy as well as a few years training in a beauty school, Kenneth came to the studio because he wanted to learn a trade from the best.

He managed to become world famous less than a decade later, where his innovative methods and stunning designs managed to capture the imagination of the entire planet. Kenneth did work on many prominent figures throughout his long and illustrious career, including Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball amongst others.

Kenneth managed to become famous for many things but chief among them was his abandonment of perms and heavy hairspray. His soon trademark was with use of  hot tools such as hair iron and blow dryer. “Women could let their hair blow in the wind and it would fall back into place. It had a healthier, sexier, prettier quality,” he declared.

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