The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tikal GM Inspires Functionality

For thousands of years man has looked toward the sky and contemplated the possibilities of soaring above the earth. Thanks to the Wright Brothers that dream became a reality. Over the years it went even further.

The anniversary of one of the greatest and most amazing events occurred just yesterday. That event was none other than pilot Charles Lindbergh’s world changing moment of his historic trip from New York to Paris. Taking place over 86 years ago.  This one successful endeavor changed the way people traveled.  Flying became and still is the preferred mode of transportation for long-distance travel.

Lindbergh’s plane is just as interesting and amazing as the man himself. While Lindbergh’s investors and his associates realized that his flight was dangerous and dependent upon 40 hours of vigilance and control, Lindbergh decided a special type of airplane was needed to make this long journey successful.

Ryan Airlines were commissioned and produced Lindbergh’s specified design. It took 63 days round-the-clock. The contenders from Europe were working and it became a race for time as to who would make the trip first. The aircraft was streamlined and a high-wing monoplane would certainly seal the fate of Lindbergh's infamous flight.

There is nothing quite like an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tikal GM. The Tikal is straight from the archives of the House of Louis Vuitton, and inspires functionality by its introduction of unique twist-lock The grand debut on the front flap closure of this incomparable lock in gold tone brass hardware was introduced in 1892.

This Louis Vuitton bag fits right in as a contemporary design that holds total chic even today.  It can fit with any high-end resort visit or used as that extra flight bag to bring on aboard a plane.

Infused with modernity, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton has a front flap pocket ideal to hold a passport, tickets and other items.

The styling of this pre-owned Louis Vuitton is crafted in the iconic LV monogram canvas which only adds to it to be a sophisticated and exquisite bag to own. It is further enhanced by its natural cowhide shoulder strap and links.

An embossed Louis Vuitton name is on the top padding of its adjustable single strap and offers extra comfort to the shoulder.

Gain access to the bag’s huge  interior via a top zipper. It is lined in textile canvas and offers two open pockets on a side wall.
Charles Lindbergh was an adventurer who helped modernize travel. An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Tikal GM can be taken anywhere at anytime. 

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