The Louis Vuitton Besace PM Messenger Bag is Filled with Casual Class

Summertime is nearing and that means a time of relaxation and a way to get away from it all. However, as lovely as getting out and enjoying the times of summer with the family is, that certainly does not mean that one can forget the essential task of keeping safe. Summertime has a few hazards and one of the biggest concerns that anyone should know is bee and/or wasp stings.

With a little bit of natural remedy knowledge, bring great relief to anyone suffering from a bee or wasp sting even if you are outdoors miles away from home. Here are a few good things to know before attempting to assist anyone who has had a wasp or bee sting:

  • The first thing one should attempt to do is to scrape the stinger with your finger nail rather than pulling it out directly.  
  • If in a grassy area, look out for a common weed known as plantain. This weed is important as, when picked, torn into two or three shreds (called bruising the plant) and applied directly to the sting, it can serve as an excellent remedy to the inflammation of the sting.
  • When at home, a good way to make a classic homemade remedy to soothe the troubled area is to mix three tablespoons of household baking soda with one tablespoon of water.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Besace PM Messenger Bag can carry anything to make one prepared in an emergency. This is a chic casual pre-owned Louis Vuitton Messenger is crafted of sturdy canvas in summertime white. The bag features a fold over flap with contrasting dark brown straps attached to its frame with gold tone studs and buckles. Other finishing hardware utilized the same.  

What brings this casual and used Louis Vuitton messenger up a few levels is by its chic and shiny gold tone “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” sleek logo name plaque centered on the front exterior flap.

The comfortable and long length canvas strap can be worn on the shoulder or as a cross body for ultimate hands free convenience

The flap opens to a striped brown and the white fabric interior that is reminiscence of images of the past steamship era. The interior contains plenty of space and will carry so many items including communication devices.

 An authentic Louis Vuitton Besace PM Messenger Bag is ideal for all of summer’s daily needs and is filled with plenty of class for work and play. 

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