Summertime is almost here and with the months of heat approaching quicker and quicker, it is time once again to rush out and get suitable accessories.

Virtually everyone is working on getting items such as sunglasses and short sleeved outfits but one item that is getting neglected is the hat. Hats can look excellent with almost every different style and is very handy to have around when the sun becomes a bit too blistering for the skin to handle.

However, with such a wide variety of hats to choose from, picking the right head covering can be a daunting task. Here are three of the best choices to make for this sunny season:

  • The most popular and fashionable choice is the wide brim hat. A wide brim not only shields your face from the brightness, it also looks great with a casual outfit.
  • However, if you’re looking for some even more casual wear, there’s nothing better than the woven sun hat. The hat gets its name from how it is made; it is woven and its unusual texture makes it an item any self-respecting fashion lover should have.
  • Finally, there’s the Panama hat, an ultra chic style that combines the best elements of the wide brim and the fedora. This combination is perfect for virtually any occasion.

Nothing brings luxury to mind such as throwing a beach towel and hat into an authentic Gucci Joy Shoulder Bag.

Made in the beloved signature GG logo coated monogram canvas in beige, all trimmings are done up in scrumptious sunshine leather with fine detailing that is a sign of quality.

This is a carry around bag made in a sensible design and this pre-owned Gucci shopper adds more style and good looks whenever a woman needs that extra space. Carry a sweater within for a sudden change in temps just like Sarah Jessica Parker and Elisabeth Hasselbeck do.

Keep in touch with friends while on vacation with a mini laptop or iPad, both which fits in neatly in the Gucci Joy. Maintain that up-to-the-minute look, even at work, as this tote is ideal for the office too.   

The used Gucci Joy is easily carried and can be interchanged from the shoulder to a hand-held tote  by its double handles in leather and striped canvas.  Its styling and casual look makes this  an ever-so functional tote for summer. The base is in leather and can stand upright by its flat bottom.

This Gucci designer shoulder bag has a top zippered opening and reveals a fully lined bag in chocolate fabric. One wall has a zippered compartment with the opposite side offering two open pockets.

The authentic Gucci Joy Shoulder Bag is a joy and is the one that will make a difference this summer in looks and function.