Summertime is almost here and with it comes countless amounts of families planning on what state to visit. While many would choose other metropolitan locations like New York or Washington D.C or beach side comfort like Miami or San Diego, there are several other states that seem to get lost out in the entire scuffle. One of these states is none other than the Grand Canyon state, Arizona.

There are many wonderful sights to see in the state, not only the Grand Canyon but there is a plethora of many other enjoyable attractions to visit. One of these many attractions is the home of the Arizonian architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright, who became famous around the world for his daring, unusual and unique designs, lived a house of his own design during the winter in Arizona and it has since become a very popular tourist attraction for visitors of the area.  

His home, located in the Sonoran desert also served as an architectural school, in which Wright managed to pass down his technique from generation to generation. His horizontal lines and famous organic materials serve as an intriguing contrast to the desert landscape. This is one attraction everyone should try to see!

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