Nothing has Plenty of Function and Space like a Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote

 The world famous House of Chanel has everyone excited as they have chosen their latest location to show their innovative new designs. The location they have chosen for their yearly cruise showcase (which has been running since 2000) is none other than the Asian country, Singapore.

The equally famous designer Karl Lagerfeld will be showing off the fashion house’s 2013 and 2014 designs in the Loewen Cluster on Dempsey Hill, (one of the many World Heritage Sites) beginning on Thursday May 9th.

Just like everyone else, Lagerfeld appears to be optimistic about the catwalk run and has been hinting about the content, claiming that “the island of Singapore basks in the sun all year long – a never-ending summer, the ultimate tropical escape from the winters of the northern or southern hemispheres.” This might mean that we will see a very sunny demeanor from this upcoming event.

That alone would be enough to make any fashionista’s day but another great piece of news was released today related to the brand. Film star and beauty Keira Knightley is going to be portraying Mademoiselle Coco Chanel in the black and white film “Once Upon A Time…” which is going to be released before the show.

The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote offers a twist to the tried and true. This tote has an amazing hot look in a slick and shiny black patent blended beautifully with silver tone hardware.

Besides it scrumptious leather the bag is over-sized and perfect for the gal who is on the go. It features  side drawstrings  to cinch it in when not full inside.  A large CC logo adorns the center of the bag.

This patent leather is discontinued at Chanel and this shopper easily makes it a chic collectable.   Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, Blake Lively and Vanessa Paradis all own a patent Chanel Shopper tote.

Simple and classic with ultimate Chanel chic, the interwoven silver tone chain link with black leather  is double and places on the shoulder with ease. The patent leather Chanel contains an open top that is secured by the drawstrings,

Once inside the used Chanel patent handbag, fine grain leather lines in brick red is on all all sides. The space is super-sized and there is more than ample room for all belongings. There is a key bob on a long leather strap. Proving to be as functional as beautiful, the interior contains two open pockets on one side wall and a zippered compartment on the opposite side.    

This authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote is not seen around too often and is a head-turner that has plenty of function and space.

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