Be Functional as Well as Stylish with a Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM

 Summertime is approaching faster and faster and it is time for most women to get out their popular summer accessories. One accessory out there that is always noticed is the watch. Traditionally thought as a man’s item, it can serve just as well, if not better on a woman. Here are some of the best things to look out for when buying a new watch for 2013:

  • Choose an oversized style:This is one surefire way to get people’s head turning as a chunky, oversized watch looks amazing with both dresses and casual combinations alike. A few good examples would be Michael Kors stainless steel chronograph watch and the Nevadan excellence that is the Skagen round case leather strap watch. Each watch should cost somewhere between the 150-300 dollar range and the cost is well worth the outcome to obtain that perfect look. 
  • Don more than one: Another good style to take note of is to wear multiple watches at once. While this may seem silly, the style is perfectly modern and can create a sharp impression just be looking at it. The tip for a good appearance is to choose slender shapes that won’t be too bulky when worn in a stack. To achieve this, try to get metallic watches as they look better together.

Named after the Wilshire Boulevard in California, the authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM handbag is the perfect to carry when making a statement.

With a subtle  and neutral shade of berry, the used bag is crafted in shiny Vernis leather filled with embossed LV monogram pattern. The Louis Vuitton handbag will epitomize ultra stylishness by the envelope-shaped frame flat base and finely detailed stitching.  

The gorgeous Wilshire PM from Louis Vuitton shows off a unique and chic style that even owners Ashley Tisdale and Cheryl Cole can attest to.   

The pre-owned Wilshire´s front exterior contains a golden brass plate scripted with the Louis Vuitton signature. Leather double modified rounded handles allows the bag to be hand carried or sleep in the crook of the elbow.

The used LV Wilshire is extremely spacious for its petite look. Organizing belongings are simple in the matching textile lining and leather trim. There is an inner zipped side compartment, plus a D-ring on one wall  and a key bob on the other.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Wilshire PM is sure to be as functional as is stylish just like the new watch on the wrist.

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