The Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM is Good Fashopn Sense in so Many Ways

 Forking over thousands of dollars on face masks seems foolhardy, especially when they are easy to make using natural ingredients found right in the home.  Be a savvy woman and forego purchasing the expensive over the counter face mask as the cost factor beats and benefits beats out any commercial brand.

Some DIY face masks can target individual types of skin. Anti-drying properties, such as oatmeal is good for oily skin. Higher concentrations  of oil such as those found in avocados fit dry skin women.

Many fashion magazines contain a recipe or two to try yourself. Here is the top homemade face recipe that works for all skin types.

  • Honey mask

This is probably the easiest face mask to make although slightly messy.
Place one tablespoon full of honey on the face.
Leave it on for at least 15 or more minutes.
Remove with cool water.

Take the time and allow the ritual of a homemade face mask to be a relaxing weekly practice by placing on soft music, lowering the lights, lying down and using either of the following over the eye area while the mask is drying.

  • A thin slice of potato skin for 10 minutes over the eyes will help alleviate dark circles.
  • Cucumbers cut into thin slices reduces puffiness often found around the eye area.

 Marc Jacobs is the designing force known for that contemporary touch behind each and every Louis Vuitton Handbag he was involved with. An authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM Handbag is no exception to  Marc Jacobs's city guy smarts.

The tote blends in with the classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and Marc Jacob’s fashion sense.  This dynamic duo has given the pre-owned Manhattan PM and edge and will fit in anywhere from New York (its namesake), Paris and Sarasota.  It features natural cowhide trimmings and gold tone hardware in the form of handle rings, rivets and other items.

The tote is ever-so-useful not only by its sharp look by its function as well. Two large exterior pockets with gold tone Louis Vuitton  engraved push locks is its standout ion the looks department and welcomed extra storage.

The used LV Manhattan has comfortable rolled double leather handles allows carting it around a breeze.

The top zipper opening features dual gold tone LV engraved pulls. The spacious interior is lined with suede-like beige Alacantra fabric. There is a large open pocket also.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM handbag is a trendy tote that deals personal all-around uses no matter the type of gal who carries it.

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