Combine Elegance and Function with Chanel Black Bowler Bag

 Sea salt has long been considered a healing agent. Many find that dip in the sea therapeutic. It didn’t take long for the beauty professional to utilize this beneficial salt into a treatment. A salt scrub, body glow or sea salt at the salon or spa is the way to go.

They can be combined with aromatic essential oils and  exfoliate a build up of dead skin while nourishing the new revealed later. Treatment is suitable for those with poor blood circulation. It is used in conjunction with many detoxification programs to limit cellulite.

If heading to a spa is not on the agenda anytime soon, still enjoy the benefits with an at-home treatment. The body can still benefit with smooth and soft skin with a DIY method. Give this basic scrub a try.

  • Blend together corn meal, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil until it has the consistency of lumpy oatmeal.
  • Add more salt than corn meal for a coarser scrub. For a gentle scrub, add more cornmeal. 
  • Open the pores in a warm shower and scrub the mixture on the body from the feet up to the chin. Rub vigorously in circular motion.
  • Do not place any on the face as it it too abrasive for facial skin.
  • For the back place the  salt scrub mixture onto a scrubbing bath brush.
  • Rinse off without using soap and douse the body in cold water to close the pores.  
  • Take a towel and gently pat dry lightly to allow the oil to moisturize the outer layer of skin. 
  • Use the basic recipe and add a favorite aromatic oils to create a total spa experience right at home.

An authentic Chanel Black Bowler Bag is a tote that that’s absolutely perfect for each and every day. The chic Bowler combines the form of a structured tote with the timeless quality of the signature Chanel quilted lambskin with detailed top-stitched diamond shaped pattern. All hardware is silver tone.  

 A large stitched C-H-A-N-E-L graces the front exterior The back exterior features a full zippered pocket.The pre-owned Chanel is complete with its double rounded leather strap handles and protective feet on its base.

A top zipper with engraved Chanel pull opens the tote to reveal excellent detailing that only a Chanel with smooth black leather. There’s plenty of space inside to carry all essentials.

An authentic Chanel Black Bowler Bag is the recipe for style just like its celebrity users such as Keira Knightley and Penelope Cruz.

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