Take the Striking Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Berkeley Bag Anywhere

 As vacation time is rapidly approaching, many people are scrambling to get their travel tickets ready. While many are choosing a European destination, famed theme parks  or a cruise in Alaska, there’s one destination that seems to be overlooked most of the time. The destinations in particular will surprise many and are getting popular for a retreat is the deserts.

Most people wouldn’t think of the arid and dry landscape as a vacation spot but the truth is much more interesting than one would believe. Thousands, if not millions of “adventure tourists” visit these areas every year as a once in a lifetime trip that only a few will ever see. From camels to 4 X 4 jeeps, from horses to motorcycles, there are plenty of ways to traverse through the vast sandy lands. The Sahara and the Gobi are the two most famous deserts, but there are millions of others worldwide for you to go and visit.

Adventuring isn’t the only thing you can do in a desert. Just ask the world famous gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas. Most of Nevada is home to countless miles of beautiful and striking desert landscape, giving tourists something else to do once they’ve gotten bored of the glitz.

Why not try a unique and new exciting trip this upcoming season and bring along a favorite of Demi Lovato. An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Azur  Berkeley Bag’s name is derived  from a chic London neighborhood known as Berkeley Square.  It is ideal for the Vegas Strip as well as the Grand Canyon.

Crafted in the much desired Damier Azur checker board canvas, the tote is based in a squared off speedy-like frame, it features two open compartments on each side of the bag.

The tote is further enhanced by its smooth natural leather trim. It even contains trim on the bottom corners of the bag for added protection as well as  holders for dual exterior buckles. The pre-owned Berkeley is definitely elegant and functional for use every day between the office and a family vacation. It can be hand carried by its rounded  double leather straps.

All hardware is in high quality gold tone with a notable standout of a name plate held by four rivets on the center front exterior and engraved with “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” insignia. The base of the Berkeley bag has raised protective feet.

Open the used LV Damier Azur Berkeley via its top zipper with two gold tone engraved LV pull. There is ample space for all belongings within its lined in soft natural microfiber interior. The interior contains two pockets with one for a cell phone on its side wall.  

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Berkeley Bag is a striking winner that looks good for travel whether for cultural or topography experiences.

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