Set it Right with a Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal Handbag

 As age creeps in, the physical body changes. For some people, these changes are subtle.

Although no ‘fountain of youth’ has been discovered, steps can be taken to combat the effects of aging. It is amazing the difference a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive attitude can make.

  • Stay lean

During time the muscles begin to shrink and lose mass. A sedentary lifestyle will accelerate this process. The body needs fewer calories and if calorie intake is not reduced the risk of becoming overweight increases. This causes one to tire more and take longer to recover after physical exertion.Eat less and exercise often.

  • Drink water

The body’s water content reduces with age so make sure it is replenished. Reduced water content in the tendons and ligaments means they become less elastic, making joints stiffer and less flexible which in turn affects the range of motion available at the joint.  Reduced water content of the cartilage (the cushioning between the bones at our joints) causes degeneration and increased susceptibility to stress and possible development of inflammation and arthritis.

  • Vitamins

The bones also lose density as one gets older. Osteoporosis, as it is called, affects both men and women as the mineral content of the bones decreases, so does the bone density. This leaves the bones fragile and more susceptible to stress fractures. 

An authentic Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal has been the mist successful designer handbag to bring along to the corner market or mall. It contains that polished casual look that will look great with a pair of trendy jeans or a smart suit to the office. Its name derives from a famous marketplace in the center of Paris.  

The Batignolles is crafted in iconic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas leather, cowhide leather trim and gold tone hardware.

Intended and designed as a casual daily shopper, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Batignolles can be just as smart as a business-style attaché. It is spacious enough to hold that laptop, file folders or iPad with ease.

Although attractive, the buckles on both sides of the exterior are more than decorative and do adjust the width of the bag as needed.

The double flat handles are an easy hand carry in a versatile length that can place it over the shoulders too.

The interior of the pre-owned LV Horizontal is lined in brown textile fabric and very spacious. Inside find a key ring directly above a zippered pocket with a gold tone LV pull on one wall.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal Handbag sets it right for that difference that sets it apart. Even Angelina Jolie has been noticed with one in her travels.

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