Next time taking a trip, forget travelers’ checks and taking cash. Use currency cards instead as there are essentially a more convenient and up-to-date with some distinct advantages.

  • The concept is similar to a pre-paid credit card in which money is loaded onto the card by phone or internet. The huge advantage is that even while on vacation, if the card is running low, just top it up.
  • If the card is lost or stolen, all money is protected just like traditional checks. To report a lost or stolen card, simply call up the company and it will block your account and reimburse for any lost money. It will also issue a new card to the individual even while away not to leave the traveler stranded.  
  • The currency cards have no expiry dates and can be converted to whatever currency is needed and returned back to dollars when heading home. Additional cards from the one account can be issued to family members too.
  • The biggest advantage of all is that all money is loaded on to the currency card, rather than linked to a bank account like an ATM card. Even if pickpockets get a hold of the card, they won’t be able to access any personal details.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Sirius 45 Boston Bag is just the thing to fit in all when traveling.   This is unisex and a celebrity favorite including Jessica Simpson and Matt Damon. Neither is never without this soft sided piece of luggage when traveling.

Its supple structure is enhanced by its Louis Vuitton monogram canvas.  Comfortable for holding, its double rounded handles are crafted in Vachetta cowhide leather as well as its corner and other trimmings. All hardware is in polished gold tone.   

There is a detachable leather address tag attached. Dual wrap around zippers gold tone LV engraved pulls have a hole placement for a luggage lock. The zipper runs around the entire piece of Louis Vuitton luggage making it an easy packer.

The spacious interior is lined with beige Alcantara fabric and offers welcome elasticized straps that crisscross to hold apparel in place.There is a larger pocket for storing shirts on its opening wall.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Sirius 45 Boston Bag keeps on traveling the world over as a number one choice of a suitcase.