H. Stern and Company is situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the colors in their colorful jewelry pieces are reminiscent of the city itself.   

Celebrities have been flocking for their finely crafted jewelry since its inception in 1945.  Its founder Hans Stern began with only a $200 investment. He had the forth sight  to utilize other colored gemstones proving that they could be just as luxurious and popular as the classics stones of diamonds, emerald and rubies.

Recently Katie Holmes is the latest poster girl for their ad campaign. This is not the first time that she has represented their treasure trove of gems.

Incorporated within its themes of the universe is their latest collection that deviates away from their burst of color is entitled “Copernicus. “ This collection anticipates a new generation’s taste in jewelry. It is named for the famed astrologer from the 15th and 16th centuries who study of the heavens inspired yet another figure to the stars and inventor of the spyglass to study the night sky, Galileo.

The collection is an eye- catching merging of gleaming gold, by itself, or adorned with the finest diamonds representing the H. Stern signature insignia of stars. H. Stern has over 350 stores and in more than 30 countries including a boutique aboard a cruise ship, the Celebrity Eclipse.

Stand out with the desirable and in-demand designer handbag with an authentic Marc Jacobs Baby Stam. Owned by Katie Holmes, the Baby has all the qualities of a stunning medley of the popular Stam Bag but is created in a more favorable size.

This used baby Stam does contain the reflection of the sun by its metallic gold quilted leather.  It remains luminous enough for evening wear but can even be funky enough for trendsetters to use during the day with jeans or a smart sheath.

A thick gold tone chain-link strap is long enough to wear on the shoulder. The pre-owned Baby Stam offers Marc Jacob’s ingenuity in knowing what a woman wants in a bag. The Stam features a zippered pocket on the front exterior perfect for additional storage.

The Marc Jacob’s shoulder bag opens in just a snap by a kiss-lock closure engraved with the designer’s name.   

The interior is super spacious and lined with a raspberry microfiber that is plusher than most. The bag can carry all necessary belongings and more without being squished.  The interior presents a zippered flat pocket on a side wall with a gold tone Marc Jacobs - Made in Italy plate directly below it

The authentic Marc Jacobs Baby Stam is a rare find with plenty of 18K gold sheen.