Everyone likes to do their makeover in the mirror or the bathroom, but with technological advancements comes a revolutionary new way to see what a woman can look like with a few changes.

The technique is called a virtual makeover, and is just that, as a way to tweak the look using online materials by submitting a personal photo of either a head shot or full body. Some sites allow the user to choose a model that is similar to them.  

The benefits of a virtual makeover are that it can help users choose what type of haircut, hair color or outfit to wear in the real world. By being able to change the looks with the click of a mouse, users can also try out an endless combination in a short period of time. It is even possible to try the more subtle changes such as lipstick, nails or eye shadow before purchasing.   

A virtual makeover can also save a lot of embarrassment. For example, by using a virtual makeover, a consumer can see if a desired hair color is really the correct choice for them beforehand.

Some women use virtual makeovers not to test out a new look, but also to edit their own images. Being able to fix a hairstyle or lipstick color in a jiffy makes it easier to tweak a photo and upload it on a social networking site as if it is the real article.

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