One of the most essential items that everyone should be sure to carry around with them is the wallet. The origins of this money holding device comes as a surprise to many.

From the 1st Century AD, a type of knapsack was used  and called a wallet. However, it wasn’t until the Renaissance period  (14th -17th centuries), coins were being used as a mode of exchange. The wallet evolved as a coin purse in order to organize and carry these  coins.

The wallet as we know it first began in the late 17th century, shortly after the invention of paper currency. The new bills would not fit in the purses, so an alternative storage unit was needed.

The 19th century had wallets redesigned to include coins and also a statement of bank accounts. At one time, it was considered socially inferior to carry a wallet in a pocket, many opting to wear it around a belt.

The modern day wallet only first appeared around the mid 1950’s, when slots were added for business cards (and in the 1980s, credit cards).  Since then, the design of the wallet has not changed very much yet it still remains a popular item for many.  

Designer wallets are made with quality, style and may even outlive its owner with proper care. There are many different types of wallets  but  one such stunner for either day or evening use for a woman is an authentic Fendi Zucca Wallet. It is an ideal addition and super functional for storage. This is the wallet that can match up with a Fendi Zucca Bag.

The Fendi wallet is crafted in the FF logo Zucca pattern fabric and rich brown leather. It’s a flap bi-fold with a gold tone plate snap closure with the Fendi name engraved in it. This great quality wallet offers a sleek and polished look, it is ever so functional too.

Flip open the bi-fold and find it completely lined in a croc-style pattern dark chocolate leather. There are several slots for debit and credit cards on one wall. The other exposed wall is perfect for storing papers and photos. The lower right hand corner features an embossed “Made in Italy” on it.

The top of the used Fendi wallet offers two compartments in brown suede that split up currency and business cards. For any gal heading to international destinations, this small clutch is ideal for them not to mix up different currencies by giving them their own place within the wallet.

Clean out the old wallet and place money and cards into an authentic Fendi Zucca Wallet. It will certainly make an impression when pulling it of a handbag.