Add a Touch of Pink This Spring with a Fendi Zucca Shoulder Bag Tote

 Many women find that the premature aging culprit is excessive dry skin. Between the extremes of the winter cold and heating inside will cause changes.  Beauty therapies can take place anywhere in the world at a spa or even on the home front.  

Dry skin gals should head to their favorite retailer and stock up a skin care line to achieve flawless skin upon spring’s doorstep. These are a must in keeping the skin looking fresh and soft.

  • Purchase a mild face cleanser  and use it on the the face regularly.
  • Gain excess dirt removal and to protect skin from environmental conditions, even after cleansing, should find anti-oxidant ingredients in the chosen toner.
  • Look for an “Intensive Revitalizing” sheet-style mask. This fine mask is saturated with retinol and vitamins to concentrate on those fine lines that may begin to set in. 
  • Make the desired outer layer of skin creamy and smooth by using a daytime emulsion cream. This eliminates excess dehydration and dryness. Look for one with added  protection from harmful rays from the sun. 
  • Proper intact of specific food helps too. Add some omega-3 to the menu in the way of fish and eat high antioxidant foods such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and red grapes.

Simplicity in a designer handbag such as the authentic Fendi Shoulder Bag Tote will always work. The bag is engulfed with the iconic Zucca canvas filled with the FF logo in dark brown against the milk chocolate backdrop.

 The pre-owned Fendi is further enhanced but its pink polished leather and serves as the focal point to this stylish pleated frame.

The Fendi  tote has a flat single leather shoulder strap enhanced by gold tone hardware of engraved rings and studs.

It offers just the right amount of Milan sophistication and the used Fendi can easily adapt to a user´s needs and go with a pair jeans during the on a casual outing to a more formal daytime occasion.

The simple purse is pure pizzazz and Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Simpson adore its flap closure with a magnetic snap.

The interior is completed lined and crafted in brown textile lining with enough space that can handle all essentials easily. A ‘Fendi – Made in Italy’ metal name plate sits on top of an open wall pocket.

The authentic Fendi Zucca Shoulder Bag Tote is a pretty in pink number for spring that is pure Milano Style.

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