Enter the Boardroom with the Elegant Stance of the Louis Vuitton Epi Ombre Tote

Business travel has taken the route of austerity with many companies having their employees fly economy class now. With proper planning, flying economy can be less uncomfortable with a little homework.  All carriers have different seat sizes in economy and can change dramatically depending on which equipment they use.

It is not unusual to see a major carrier advertise of having the largest seats. An Airbus A300 in their fleet may have 32 inches in pitch with a width of 18 inches which is ideal for comfort in economy. However, their Boeing 757-200, can easily configure only 30 inches as a pitch with a seat width 17.2 inches. This comfort will vary whether booking domestic flights versus international economy.

Websites that specialize in this information may be the answer in knowing the best way to obtain the comfort as a business traveler stuck in economy. Just type in airline seats on a particular flight and check out what they recommend as the best for room and what seats to avoid. These sites are extremely user friendly and some can even link directly to the airlines website after comparing flights and are ready to purchase.

There are even seat comfort reviews by frequent flyers. If space seems to be small on a particular flight, request an aisle or exit row seat for a little more legroom.

Don’t be overbearing by carting a large attaché on board a flight.  Instead an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Ombre is the one to fly away with. This is definitely a chic and sophisticated in a silhouette of a modernist shaped bucket prefect to carry essentials for work or otherwise.

The Louis Vuitton Epi Ombre is a find since it has long been discontinued and is considered rare. This is the tote that will last and forever retain its good looks due to its water resistant grained black leather making it a perfect accessory for business travel. 

Only Louis Vuitton has the patented Epi leather, which is a favorite for Naomi Watts and Kirsten Dunst. The Ombre Tote is enhanced by smooth leather trimming and its embossed initials crafted near the bottom of the bag.

The base of the bag is rounded and stands upright. The highlight to the Ombre bag is its contrast of materials with its shiny double oval shaped resin Art Deco inspired handles for easy toting.

The interior offers ample space and is lined in grey Alcantara microfiber. One open slide-in pocket it takes up the one entire side inside wall and easily can carry some folders. Communication devices such as a tablet and smartphone can fit within its main compartment.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Ombre is made in a simple and sleek design that will make a professional impression when heading into the boardroom meeting. 

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