The Fendi Zuccino Tote is the Pick-Me-Up Bag for Shopping

 Do you feel like you can’t properly put on your make up in the beginning of the morning? The morning rush might be responsible for several unsightly appearances but luckily, there’s a way to stop this. Here are the best ways to put on makeup and get ready for the day in less than 5 minutes:

  • Hide those dark circles under the eyes with a simple moisturizer with a tint that best suits the skin tone.  Save the concealer and use only where needed such as blemishes.
  • Apply a creamy moisturizer to the eye beforehand area Blend in with the lightest touch possible and make sure not to tug around the eyes.
  • Uneven skin, noticeable pores, redness around the nose can be eliminated by allusion. Use a makeup primer after moisturizing skin and prior to adding on foundation. A little goes a long way so use this product like a Spartan
  • Use a small bit of foundation in order to get even skin in a jiffy.
  • A concealer stick is the best way to achieve results as it is easy and applies with a large amount of accuracy. Use the stick as if it was an enormous marker, drawing down the cheekbones, the sides of your nose and blend with the fingers.
  • Finally, if a pesky zit or mark just won’t go away, apply some additional concealer over the spot. Apply  a cover up that contains salicylic acid to help the pimple’s stay be a short one.  

Classic designer bags never age and the authentic Fendi Zuccino Tote Bag is a Lea Michele pick-me-up for daily use.

The tote bag is similar in style and function to the traditional shopper bag but with Italian flavor and knowhow. It is crafted in Fendi monogram canvas in charcoal/grey tone color throughout its exterior. The Fendi bag is further complimented by rich black leather trimmings and silver tone hardware. The FF logo in silver tone is placed as a decorative piece on the lower exterior.

The pre-owned Fendi tote has double spaghetti leather top handles that are adjustable to meet an individual’s needs.   

The main compartment is a pleasant surprise by its large size. It will easily allow a gal to fit all of the personal items needed. The interior is lined with black textile fabric.The added bonus of a full size interior zipper on one wall can be used to hold keys, makeup or wallet or any additional items.  

The authentic Fendi Zuccino Tote Bag is charming, practical and perfect for everyday running around.

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