Make Convenience Happen Easily with the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Portobello Bag

Every city in the states has foodies and gourmets unite at the fresh marketplaces. One of the first that started the trend was Chelsea Market in downtown Manhattan´s meatpacking district.

Locals and visitors alike found out that stopping here requires an empty stomach. The ever popular Food Network films many of their shows right on these premises.

The Chelsea Food Market is in a former 1890 built complex belonging to the National Biscuit Company (makers of Oreo cookies) and was completely restored for this project.

 It is a great place to mingle with others and eat a little bit here, a little bit there, and meander on the indoor walkways of stone, and rest on stone benches. The entire structure is emphasized by its exposed walls accented with contemporary art.

Besides eating, there are large arrays of markets stalls and shops for cooking related paraphernalia. Here one can find every type of cooking equipment that a favorite TV gourmet chef uses.

Tapas (sample size items) are on the menus at the sit-down eateries. Or take away and eat in on one of the many stone benches and watch others passing by. On nicer days, have a picnic lunch created from various stalls and eat al fresco along the Hudson River waterfront.

Stalls vary from those with fresh fruit, lobster bisque, or oysters on the half shell but leave room for the some of best brownies found in New York.

The modern and authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Portobello Bag is flawless for walking about in New York or elsewhere. Have the added bonus of remaining hands free with the bag that is named for another great market on the other side of the Atlantic in London.

The Portobello flap style bag is crafted in Damier Canvas, dark brown leather trimmings and gold tone hardware. Its frame is long and lean and proves to be the one casual designer handbag that is always appropriate.  The Louis Vuitton bag will always remain at the side and its length can be changed by an adjustable strap. The back exterior has an open view plastic window for a small map or business cards.

The pre-owned Portobello Bag opens via two engraved snaps on its flap closure. Once opened it exposes its brick fabric lining and spacious interior. Leave All necessities can be slipped in or out easily.

Simple in style, the unisex bag offers practical function. The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Portobello Bag is the one that can make convenience happen effortlessly every day. 

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