Create Some Communication Buzz with a Chanel Patent Leather Phone Case

 No matter the season or the trends, basic black is always in. Here’s the reason as to why. Wearing black can create a sleek and mysterious vision.

Basic black is in the wardrobe of thousands of celebrities and woman from Australia to Zanzibar.  Past legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis to celebs of today like Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria don basic black.

Black clothing used to be (and to a certain extent, still is) associated with death of a loved one. That image happily changed when the Parisian trendsetter by the name of Coco Chanel added it to her wardrobe.

  • A simple black dress or even a casual outfit can be jazzed up with easy to fine accessories such as a pearl necklace or a designer handbag. 
  • Wearing a long sleek black dress is sure to make a good impression and will always appear polished. 
  • Another popular way to add pizzazz is to head for the Ying/Yang influence and mix it up with whites in order to create a perfect contrast. 
  • To make things really interesting, try thinking with geometric shapes to really create some buzz.
  • Incorporate  simple key pieces in the all-time ebony staple and play it up with contrasting pieces. Use a popular shade, such as Pantone’s 'Color of the Year' and blend it in with the black outfit.

These suggestions will be sure to update a wardrobe in no time and still make a basic black outfit feel fresh and new even it has been owned for years.

One item that a fashionista and her cell phone will appreciate is an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Phone Case. With exciting days and nights ahead, a woman such as Madonna, has her phone right in sight yet discrete and stylish enough in its case.

This pre-owned Chanel is a rare breed for a phone accessory. Be in Chanel heaven as the case is designed along the lines of the fabulous Chanel Flap bag.  It has all the signature qualities beginning with it CC logo gold tone turn clasp right up to its iconic gold tone chain interwoven with black caviar leather. The single chain strap is lengthy and will keep the phone close to the hip and a hand grab away.

The back exterior has an added surprise, especially for its petite size, of a flat open pocket ideal for storing entrance tickets.

Its interior is in soft black leather and contains the Chanel name stamped in gold under its flap. It is just as versatile to use without a cell inside as an out on a date after-five handbag with other neccessities placed inside.

The distinctive and authentic Chanel Patent Leather Phone Case is the functional accessory for any Chanel devotee.

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