One of the Caribbean islands that is quickly becoming a top winter tourist destination is The Cayman Islands.  There are 3 islands that make up the Cayman Islands and includes Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. While the Cayman Islands are better known for their offshore banking benefits mainly for millionaires. However the just-want-to-sit-in-the-sun types have taken notice of the island`s gorgeous beaches.

The most famous of these beaches is the Seven Mile Beach. Its picture perfect looks as if it came out of a travel brochure, although the name is a misnomer as the beach is only 5 miles long.  

Tourists are also flocking to try out their wonderful diving conditions, perfect for those of you who want to see the splendid beauty of the ocean. The best way to do this is by taking a diving tour to look at the undersea life of the grottos firsthand.

However, there are just as interesting things on land as well as in the sea. A good place to start would be the 18th century Pedro St. James Castle, the oldest structure in the Cayman Islands. Rich with history, the island is filled with acres of natural parks and woodlands. Another attraction to look for is the adventuresome Boatswain’s Beach marine park with over 15,000 sea turtles.

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