Famed yet reclusive Hollywood legend Greta Garbo is going to be paid tribute once again. On February 15th, the world renowned Swedish actress’s incredibly large wardrobe is going to be put on display in London.  From the silent age to the talkies, this is one legend that truly lasted the ages.

The exhibition plans to showcase all of the glamorous leading lady’s outfits as well as other interesting items from her New York home, ranging from her classic grey skirt and shirt to her multicolored elegant gloves to her checkered floral dress, this is one place that all classic film fans should make a plan to see.

While she might not be as much of a beauty queen as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, Garbo had a different kind of grace and majesty. The showcase is an attempt to show the public the true nature of Garbo, that almost no one got a chance to see thanks to the film star locking herself away for many years.

For example, photographs of her house will surprise many who are well accustomed to the woman being as black and white as her movies. She opted for plenty of color as her walls were painted in bright pink.   

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