The Louis Vuitton Coin Purse makes it Valentine’s Day Everyday for Change

 St. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and is celebrated worldwide. Some form of cards, chocolates, flowers or gifts is exchanged with loved ones and friends. St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday just as important as it is one day that is the biggest in sales in certain sectors.

Restaurants also do big business that day. Many offer a special menu not served any other time of the year. Of course, reservations are mandatory. Keep the tradition alive by making the day a special one. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one or group of friends.

The origins may have begun with the fictitious character that is equated with this day known as Cupid. Deriving from the Latin word “Cupido” it translates to "desire." In the Greek mythology version, the god of love is known as Eros.  Cupid is the son of Venus, goddess of love under ancient Roman mythology.  

Cupid is best recognized by shooting his arrows into both mythological gods and mortals. The side affect from this wound is simply falling in love.

St. Valentine pertains to the holiday and equated to other myths, there are thousands of stories spun about a real or imaginary person. It will always remain a mystery and the accounts still pertain to being one as a symbol of love, passion and friendship.  

Keep Valentine’s alive each and every day with an authentic Louis Vuitton Coin Case.

Crafted in the super shiny Vernis leather with LV monogram in a deep hue of plum it truly stands out by its gold tone hardware.   Besides framing in a forever lovely heart shape, the Louis Vuitton change purse has a removable attachment.

This is a gold tone chain link that can allow the user to wear it as a wristlet. The coin purse features two gold tone and plum enamel padlocks and a hanging charm utilizing the same materials.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton purse’s change can be accessed via its gold tone zipper that encircles the circumference of the heart and LV engraved pull.

The interior is lined in smooth leather in the same colorization with enough space for coins, currency and a few cards or driver’s license.

This is a truly travel light purse for those who just need the bare necessities in them when running out to the store.  Wear it, carry it or place it in another designer handbag.

And every time it is used, the authentic Louis Vuitton Coin Case is a friendly reminder to keep positive thoughts no matter the changes around each day.

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