The Chanel Mini Flap Handbag Always Makes a Strong Showing Each Season

 Although the winter months might not be the best time for sunglasses, the Spring 2013 season is just around the corner and it’s time to get that wardrobe ready and let the eyes have a lift.

Here are just some of the perfect sunglasses to wear that will keep you stylish and get that annoying glare out of the eyes:

  • Round 

Giving off the John Lennon look, these were virtually everywhere this past spring on the 2013 runways. This is one look that should be definitely considered.

  • Decorated 

While they may seem childish at first, they are perfect for a peppy appearance and will certainly raise eyebrows. The best decorated sunglasses that seen in the catwalk was white frames and crystals.

  • Floral 

 This look, which fits great with the feminine side of things, is a retro throwback to the swinging, carefree 60’s.

  • Bold 

If a daring appearance is the thing this year, bold sunglasses are the ticket. Consisting of vibrant colors with a daring design, this might not be good for casual wear but it shines when an impression needs to be made.

  • Cat eye 

A favorite for many renown designers, this is one style that is a bone fide classic and will never go out of fashion.

Besides being scrumptious in a new pair of shades, add an authentic Chanel Mini Flap Handbag to double the pleasure of looking elegant. This bag is coveted by so many celebrities, such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Demi Moore.

This status statement of style works  not only for dress-up affairs but can take a casual or work route too.

That only makes owning the pre-owned mini flap even more of a chic collectable with unmistakable class.

Simple and classic, the body is in black puffed diamond pattern lambskin, this used Chanel features gold tone hardware with a turn closure of  interlocking CC logo over its full black flap.

The Chanel´s infamous interwoven black leather and gold link chain can be worn a number of ways.

Unlock and flip open the flap to reveal its white soft leather lining. Even though its name is a mini, there is more than ample room for belongings.

The authentic Chanel Mini Flap Handbag makes a strong showing style that is timeless.

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