Set the Stage for Classic Styling with a Chanel Wallet with Chain Bag

 The Hollywood epic “Anna Karenina,” received several nominations from the Academy Award’s committee, and is an adaptation of the classic 1800s Russian novel.  However it contains a major overhaul when it comes to the fashion and the look of the film.

Designer Jacqueline Durran, who studied 19th century dress from drawing and portraits for weeks, noted that the director of the project, Joe Wright, decided to not take accuracy into account with the exception of the peasantry. Therefore, all of the outfits are created with a 1950s twist to the classic 1840s style.

This is not a bad thing, however, as the 1950s style has been chosen to show off the silhouettes of the main characters while still maintaining a sense of class and dignity. Photos of star Keira Knightley, one of many women who is portraying the classic role, confirm this feeling, as a parade of luxurious outfits and floor stretching gowns which truly fits the Russian aristocracy.

The overall effect is somewhat timeless, with its trimmed coats, lace veils, feathered headpieces and other such clothing. Durran, who has worked with Wright twice before already has two Oscar nominations under her belt for “Atonement" and "Pride & Prejudice.” Many feel she has truly pulled out all the stops with “Anna Karenina.”

The iconic House of Chanel may have began in another era but they have provided  and still do unique, fashion-forward and gives a flirty feel that forever remains trendy.

One such stunner for either day or evening use is an authentic Chanel Wallet with Chain Handbag. This exceptional wallet looks like a small pochette and takes a diva back to an era of elegance for a casual lifestyle. It is framed in timelessly chic styling of a Chanel flap which adds that level of sophistication and charm by its pink lambskin leather in the traditional diamond pattern. It even has a pocket on its back exterior.

The super long to the hip single silver tone chain links interwoven with pink leather can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body.

The pre-owned Chanel leather wallet bag has CC logo in silver tone as part of its front snap closure. Flipping open the flap shows off all the things a girl looks for in a wallet.

There several compartments along the wall ideal for debit, credit and business cards. It is fully lined in pink fine textile fabric and leather. There is one large zip pocket for change and a flat pocket that can be used for currency
The versatile pochette to use all year long, an authentic Chanel Wallet with Chain will set the stage for the feminine story of “Anna Karenina.”

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