The Chanel Tweed Large Cambon Tote Bag is a Unique Beauty

 A new exhibit highlighting the history of the famed beauty brand Chanel is currently touring around the world and its latest location is surprisingly China.

The exhibition, entitled Chanel Culture, is a retrospective and celebration of the company and of its founder, Gabrielle ‘Coco’  Chanel. Her creative designs, numerous contributions to the art and fashion world and the colorful personalities she knew are all being represented. From the Chanel No 5 bottle to the modern Coco Mademoiselle, everything related to the brand will be on display.

Jean-Louis Froment, the curator of the exhibit, claims that it is a “unique story that intertwines with history and may be considered as history itself one day”.

But the exhibition does not merely consist of Chanel’s time but also of how they have shaped the modern world all the way up to their current  head, Karl Lagerfeld.

Located in the beautiful Guangzhou Opera House, this is one retrospective that will delight many. When asked about why China was chosen as a location, Lagerfeld replied “we have chosen the opera house not as a challenge but as an intentional statement on modernity and how viewpoints change.”

The company itself has released a similar statement, claiming that “when viewers engage in this fantastic journey into the universe of CHANEL, they will experience the vision produced by art and design and, at the same time, appreciate the message of unspoken words illustrated through the wonderful artworks of these masters”.

Over the years, there have been so many bags that have become classic from the House of Chanel.  An authentic Chanel Tweed Large Cambon Tote Bag an ideal homage to the classic choice but in a tweed fabric this time. The double handles are flat and fit perfectly over the shoulder. Chanel tweed celebs include Cameron Diaz.

The background of the used Chanel´s exterior is in stark quilted grey fabric. However, its large finely stitched CC logo is in white tweed fabric mixed with speckles of golden brown and along the lower portion of the bag.  

The black bottom of the tote has protective silver studs, so placing the pre-owned bag down will not hurt it.  The back exterior contains a pocket as does one side of the used Chanel.

Open the Chanel Tweed Cabon by its top zip closure.  The lining is patterned fabric with the CC logo splattered throughout in fluorescent hot pink.  The used Chanel Cambon is super-sized and offers plenty of room for all personal items.

Present confident fashion statement with a Chanel designer bag. Enjoy the exceptional and unique look with the quality of an authentic Chanel Large Cambon Tote Bag with its tweed highlights.

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