One of the most common ways of hair removal is by shaving. Used by virtually everyone for generations, it’s easy to see why this is so popular. However, there are some unfortunate side effects such as razor burn and cuts. If you don’t want to suffer from waxing, here are some good ways to eliminate those pesky problems and get that face as smooth as possible:

  • To begin

 Exfoliate the skin by taking a shower and opening the pores. This will make it easier to remove dead and dry skin while shaving. For extra results, add a sea salt scrub to really clear the skin of any debris.

  • Gel

Use the gel type shaving cream rather than the foam type because it will create a protective shield between the razor and the skin.

  • Never dry shave

When the skin is dry, it will cut easier and cause razor burn. Worst of all, it could possibly become infected if not treated properly.

  • Replace razor often.

Dull blades are another way you can get cut or burnt and putting more pressure on it can pull the hair out, rather than the desired effect of slicing them out.

  • Take care

Finally, consider a double blade rather than a triple blade. A triple blade cuts far too close and leaves you with cuts and razor burn.

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