Gain a Top Ten with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma

 Google is the most popular search engine in the world, which means that it uses the most up to date way of finding information.  But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t got a sense of humor or curiosity for that matter. At the end of every year, the internet giant releases data that allows people to see the most searched topics.

This data, called Google Zeitgeist (‘Zeitgeist’ means timeline in German), consists of 55 lists of several  countries and add up the total.

  • The most popular topic in the world that was searched in 2012 was of the late R&B and gospel singer Whitney Houston. Her untimely death resulted in many hits due to the extreme amount of coverage in the news and the subsequent police inquiry.
  • Next on the list was popular South Korean disco song Gangnam Style. Psy, the artist of the song, has quickly become one of the biggest stars in the US and the official music video has dethroned Justin Bieber for the amount of views on YouTube. His supposed anti-American songs have caused controversy, leading to more searches.
  • The tragic Hurricane Sandy hit number 3 on the list, a comforting sight at seeing how many international viewers searched the disaster.
  • In a stark contrast, the iPad 3 was the 4th searched item, possibly due to the vast amount of speculation surrounding the device.
  • Finally, the newest member of the British monarchy, the lovely Kate Middleton is featured on web pages each and every day in the gossip, news, society and fashion sense portals. She fluctuates from number five to seven and with the year not yet complete, her ending result may increase on the ladder, especially with a baby now on the way.

The most accessory search on Google is Louis Vuitton designer handbags. The authentic Louis Vuitton Alma is a long term classic and is very much in demand.

The frame of the LV Alma handbag was based on the original and innovative design by Gaston Vuitton in the 1930s, ironically for Coco Chanel. It is still considered just as stylish and even contemporary celebs, such as Miley Cyrus owns one.

Crafted in Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, shiny gold tone hardware and natural cowhide leather trim, the tote is framed in bowling ball-like casing. The leather trim extends itself on the base of the bag.  

The used LV Alma is hand-carried and contains two top rolled leather straps with squared off handle rings.

 The dual top zip closure has two LV engraved pulls.  Its  interior is spacious and lined with brown Alcantara fabric. There is one flat pocket on the side wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma bag always hits the top of the list for everyday use.

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