Keep All the Extras with a Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

 There are many popular ice festivals throughout the world but many travelers claim that none are as extensive as the  one established in 1985 in Harbin, China.

Beginning January 5th and lasting until the end of February, Harbin becomes a 'City of Ice' with the annual their Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.  Artists from several continents  participate in ice sculpting competitions created in distinctive themes depicting full size castles, major tourist sites and landmarks. Past exhibits have included recreations of the Taj Mahal of India, Paris's  Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall in China, all a massive feat for any artist.

Night time visits offer a different perspective to these works of art in ice by colorful neon illumination spotlighted on each piece.  

It's easy to spend several days exploring the festival, as well as the other sights that make Harbin a unique China travel destination.

This year, the celebrations will begin a week earlier before the festival with ice lanterns completed and  many of the  snow and ice sculptures open to watch the artists work on them.  Other special events are planned such as fishing and diving performance on the frozen Songhua River, ice slides, dog sledding and ice sailing.

For heading to Harbin, more that a hat and gloves are needed in this sub-zero destination. An authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is just the thing to carry an extra scarf and leggings while viewing the exhibition.

Every woman should own a Speedy or two in different sizes. The only dissimilarity from between this one and the Speedy 25 or 30 is in the size. The LV Speedy 40 offers that extra capacity that is most welcome.

The used Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is crafted in LV monogram canvas, which is characteristic of the Speedy and Keepall collection. It is further complimented by its natural cowhide leather for trimmings and gold tone hardware.

The slightly rounded hand-held leather handles makes for easy carrying and has been seen on Katie Holmes and other celebrities as their traveling bag,

A top zipper opens up the spacious Louis Vuitton tote to a soft canvas lining in medium brown.  It also makes for a great carry-on to take on board when flying.

The best part of carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is that once returning home, it proves to be functional and stylish for any woman heading to the spa or gym.

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