Make a Black and White Statement with a Chanel Mini Flap Handbag

 According to archeologist’s recent discoveries, it is believed that the Mesopotamians may have been the premier fans of crystal in the 16th century BC. Other civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans soon followed with artistic creation made from glass.  

By 1676, an Englishman named George Ravenscroft, experimented with lead oxide by mixing silica sand. This brought lead crystal a major step closer to its mass production of today.  

The influential deemed that all personal belongings were vital modules to the elements of life. Crystal was considered an important component in the life cycle of the four elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Nobility and the elite of society believe crystal to be a luxury and a necessity that only they could afford.

The 20th century became the century in which the most common basis of owning crystal was geared towards weddings and anniversaries. Crystal seemed almost compulsory to be on every bride-to-be’s gift registry.

Presently, the ownership of fine crystal caters for every individual style, personality and preference, be it classic or modern, bold or demure. From conventional water pitchers to novel flutes to sleek works of art, it’s the kind of craftsmanship and design that’s perfectly at home in any existing setting.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this less known crystal stemware and decorative bowls has a deep history beginning as a glass factory in 1765. Their crystal products contain 30 % lead oxide with modernistic flair in design. Custom made pieces can be created to suit your taste.

The factory of Royal Leerdam Crystal was featured in the film ‘Glass’ which won an Academy Award 1959 for short documentary.

Besides being scrumptious,, the authentic Chanel Mini Flap Handbag offers double the pleasure of making an Art Deco addition with the use of quilted black and white calfskin leather.

This status statement of style works  not only for dress-up affairs but can take a casual or work route too.

That only makes owning the pre-owned mini flap even more of a chic collectable with unmistakable class.

Simple and timeless the body is in white puffed diamond pattern, this used Chanel features gold tone hardware with a turn closure of  interlocking CC logo over its full black flap.

The Chanel´s infamous interwoven black leather and gold link chain can be worn a number of ways.

Unlock and flip open the flap to reveal its white soft leather lining. Even though its name is a mini, there is more than ample room for belongings.

The authentic Chanel Mini Flap Handbag is coveted by so many celebrities, such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Demi Moore and none is as an eye-catcher as the dynamic duo of black and white

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