The Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 Always Takes to the Skies Stylishly

 Saving money on airfare can be easily attained  most any time of the year. However, holiday travel plans can get a little trickier if reservations have yet to be secured.

Follow some of  the simple tips and shop around and  grab that cheap deal asap.

  • Check this Sunday’s travel section. Call immediately on any ads that meet travel requirements.
  • Search with the keywords "last minute air tickets," in an internet browser. An abundance of sites will pop up. Plug in information and see what comes up.  
  • Put in the time to find deals even if it means visiting more than just one site and/or making multiple phone calls.
  • Copy down the choices with the quoted costs, schedule, and compare to determine the best deal for last minute travel.
  • Contact the supplier directly.Have all your personal information available, including credit card for an immediate and easy transaction.
  • Ask questions about restrictions and what provision will be made if the flight is canceled the ticket imposes before purchasing. Make sure.
  • Fly midweek such as Wednesday to Wednesday as opposed to a Saturday to Saturday for a 7 day trip
  • Use credit cards to pay airfare. It is the best defense against fraudulent tickets.
  • Some last minute airfare may not entail non-stop flights to the destination. Be prepared for changing on route.
  • Flight changes may have long layovers or even picking up the second leg of your journey the next day.

Every woman should own an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 40. The LV Speedy will always in style but the 40 offers that extra capacity such as the items needed to carry for a workout or treatment. Celebrities, such as Katie Holmes and Madonna  use their Speedy 40 as their carry-on bag when flying.  

The used Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is the perfect accessory for getting around town in style while carrying all the essentials. The pre-owned LV Speedy has gold- tone hardware and studs embossed with the full LV name.

The uniquely LV monogram initials are characteristics placed throughout the exterior on the canvas leather. This is only complimented by its natural cowhide leather for trimmings, and the slightly rounded hand held handles.

The zip top closure opens up to the softest canvas lining in medium brown is found in the interior of this used LV tote. There is one pocket trimmed in leather on a side wall.

The best part of carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 is that it will fit under the airline seat or in the overhead compartment. Carry it  through on any other events presented during the day. It is functional, stylish, classy and a staple for any woman on the go

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