Energize a Wardrobe to Super Style with a Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM

Now there is a simple and good way to stay green all year round with a device called the 'Solio Mono.' It actually provides electricity while also being environmentally friendly. 

The Solio Mono is incredibly easy to use. It gets its energy from the sun and serves as a universal battery that doesn’t waste electricity nor does it leak mercury like regular batteries do. The sun charging is also free and has been specially designed to last for a long time. Solio serves as a good replacement of wall chargers and can be used on the go, perfect for trips.

The Solio Mono was invented in 2012 by Better Energy Systems Inc. located in California.  It was originally developed as an attempt to educate the common man about the benefits of environmental saving energy. It clearly has paid off as the Solio has sold millions of units worldwide and sales climb every single day.

One of the lesser known benefits of the Solio is that when you are done using it, it can be smelted down into the precious metals it is made out of. This is the best way to recycle it and achieves top efficiency in its energy production.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse MM is sometimes called the "bowling ball bag" because of its circular frame.  Happily it is really a trendy and functional bag that serves everyday daily happenings.

Its rounded shaped frame makes it a stylish and spacious bag for traveling, work or out on a date.

The durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas is featured on the Ellipse along its stunning cowhide trimmings and gold tone hardware.

This one is a classic discontinued style that makes the Ellipse handbag a collectable as Madonna and Uma Thurman are just two of the many stars that own one.

Two rolled cowhide top handles make it a breeze to carry along.  

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Ellipse has a dual half moon zipper closure with two gold tone engraved LV signature zipper pulls.

The interior is lined in brown canvas fabric with ample space for all belongings. It contains one hidden interior open patch pocket with leather trim. A gold tone ring  hangs from its name plate leather tag that is perfect for placing keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM needs no adjustments and it is as efficient as any designer handbag can be.

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