The Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case will Certainly Get A Workout

The party season is about to be in full force and one of them is bound to be a mask ball. At a masquerade ball, the last thing on a girl’s mind would be their makeup.  However, one shouldn’t want the mask to look better than the face behind it! Here are some good ways to look your best even when the face is disguised.

  • Since a mask will have to come off sometime during the evening, have the  face look good by placing a small amount of foundation onto the skin by using a small sponge and then use the sponge to press in and finish off instead of a powder.   
  • Next, try to get away with using more makeup as usual. Some good candy apple red or even fuchsia lipstick can create a very interesting look that will appeal to the sexy side of any diva.
  • Finally, put a large amount of effort in the eyes as masks are made to reflect them.
  • Create an excellent appearance by using a smoky look. In order to achieve a smoky look, prepare your eyes with some eye shadow or conceal and then use a gel pencil towards the eyelash.
  • Apply some brush to blend in the gel and finally, finish with some black mascara or some false eyelashes.

The idea of carrying a large handbag is out of the question and only an evening clutch will do. However, the lack of space means downsizing the necessities. Begin with an authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case. This is perfect as it is slim and trim and will only take up a minimal amount of space in an evening clutch.

Of course being a Louis Vuitton the stylish key chain it is crafted in durable monogram canvas. Even if the keys slip out of a purse to the floor, every key will be accounted for. A gold tone snap with the Louis Vuitton name engraved on it is present.

Once opened, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton key case has 4 hooks in gold tone. The interior is  lined in grainy brown leather and stamped on one side with ‘Louis Vuitton Paris.’

The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case is the ideal accessory for a handbag or pocket and will be even more appreciated when in use.

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