The Louis Vuitton Porte Billes Cartes Wallet is Ultimate as a Gift or Personal Statement

Traveling on a vacation is always an exciting time. It gives one a chance to meet new people, visit exotic destinations and try something new.

Besides traveling for a vacation, other leisure pursuits include visiting families that are far away during holidays, or to travel for business pursuits.  

However no matter the reason, most everyone will carry important documentation, extra cash or jewelry while away from the home front.

There are some things of note to be aware of and make traveling safely a priority.

  • Always retain two photocopies each of necessary papers, particularly a passport. Keep one set on your person.
  • Never flash cash or fancy jewels no matter where travels take one.
  •  Hotel rooms are not safe havens to hide any valuables.  A room can easily be accessed and it has been known that some chambermaids work as accomplices of criminal gangs.  Place valuables in the front desk’s safe. This way they are responsible for any loss.
  • Valuables are best kept on your person at all times when flying. Designer handbags are useful as carry-on luggage to hold these items. Make note that a purse can be snatched in a moment’s notice after leaving the terminal.
  • With cash and credit cards, place them not only in the wallet or purse but hidden in a coat’s inner pocket or money belt. If the unfortunate event happens of having a handbag taken, there will some cash and a credit card available for use.   
One of the best alternatives is to carry two wallets with one in the purse and another one elsewhere. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton Porte Billes Cartes Wallet is refine, thin and trim to serve as that stunning extra wallet.

This is a highly compact wallet and is crafted in ever soft burgundy leather and embossed throughout its exterior the Louis Vuitton monogram. There is a secret compartment on the reverse side that is ideal to handle coins or business cards.

Flip open the used bi-fold Porte Billes Cartes wallet via a single silver tone snap engraved with the Louis Vuitton name. There is a long compartment to stash the cash within its smooth leather interior.

The pre-owned LV Porte Billes Cartes Wallet contains three slots for debit and credit cards making it a fully functional and stylish wallet that can easily become the main one.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Porte Billes Cartes Wallet is chic and functional for everyday needs that call for the special accent of luxury.

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