Look Simply Electric with the Chanel Camellia Single Flap

One might not think that Disney characters are very fashionable but both Harrods in London and Barney’s in New York are taking notice of the brand and are each putting out their own very different version of the classic characters in their windows this holiday season.

Harrods is enlisting famous fashion designers to create their own unique adaptations of the famous outfits wore by the many Disney princesses over the years.

Some of the designers include Oscar de la Renta doing an edition of Snow White’s dress, Versace making a tribute to Cinderella and Elie Saab recreating Sleeping Beauty’s outfit among others. This display, which opened on the 1st of November, is linked with a 7,000 square foot boutique about the brand.  

On the other side of the pond, Barney’s New York has gotten some controversial publicity for their “Electric Holiday” version of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. The cosmopolitan chain featured slimmer versions of the characters, which created a widespread outcry against it including online protests on social media sites.

To their favor, the company responded in a cordial manner, claiming that their colorful campaign was created via the free reign imagination of their artists to come up with distinctive image of the original characters that include Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Cruella de Vil.

Break away from the typical Chanel Flap and try a modification with an authentic Chanel Camellia Single Flap. This is incredibly chic and the perfect accessory to add to this season that presents a princess pink wow factor.

 Constructed in pink lambskin leather with a horizontal rectangle frame is done up in the famous puffed quilted square pattern.

The pre-owned Chanel flap contains a decorative CC logo in gold tone as a focal point on its flap and a camellia flower on its top.

This pretty in pink used Chanel handbag will add pizzazz to basic black dining in the evening to adding a bit of funk to patterned jeans.

The shoulder strap is a gold tone chain intertwined with pink leather.

Lift the flap to reveal an interior that is lined in smooth satiny fabric complete with the Chanel name as its repeating pattern. The inside is spacious and contains an open flat pocket on a side wall.

The authentic Chanel Camellia Single Flap is an extraordinary piece to pair it up with any outfit for day or night to make the look simply electric.

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