The Chanel Lambskin Mini Flap Adds a Portion of Chic to an Outfit

 Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding but actually originated in China around 102 AD. After paper became more available, the art of origami remained mostly in China for hundreds of years before it was introduced to Korea and Japan. At one time, origami was considered to be so important as an art form, it was taught in schools.

With all the beauty that a simple paper crane can create, it is no surprise that one of the best known jewelry companies of Arnaud & Claire are capitalizing on this with origami earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The French designers have truly made one of a kind jewelry with literal paper jewelry being sold that come pre-folded into iconic shapes such as the swan and the deer.

The idea for the jewelry came one late night when Clair and Arnaurd’s good friend Masayuki Muraki decided to teach them about the ancient art. They were so engrossed, they wound up staying up creating endless possibilities of what shapes to make next. 

Inspired by this, they went to various Japanese companies to scheme on how to apply this art to jewelry with the first piece completed in 2008. This was the 'Tsuru' which is a traditional symbol of peace in the Orient.  The Origami Jewelry has been sold worldwide and remains one of the company’s biggest sellers.

Break away and a touch of grace to that white tee and jeans by choosing an authentic Chanel Lambskin Mini Flap Bag instead.

This classic paired styling is a nice refreshing change to the classic flap that has that feng shui vertical appeal. Make an impact with this stunner which has been seen with Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham and other celebrities and debs.  

The Chanel Flap is incredibly chic and the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit besides the white tee and jeans . Add it to a winter white suit or dress.

Constructed in white puffed lambskin leather, this pre-owned classic Chanel vertical flap is based in silver tone hardware. This includes the geometric turn clasp engraved with the Chanel name makes this mini a desirable addition to a wardrobe.

The shoulder strap crafted strictly in an extra long stunning silver tone link chain strap.  It will gracefully drape down to the hip.

The white interior is spacious and will fill nicely with all necessities.

Include the authentic Chanel Lambskin Mini Flap Bag in a designer handbag collection for those days when light and airy is the order of the day.

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