It is Easy to Make Each Day a Positive with the Colorful Gucci Multicolor Rainbow Tote

There is plenty of talk about the medicinal properties behind an herb. This one comes from a form of rainforest foliage, known as the Graviola tree.

Graviola, which is also known in some areas as ‘guanabana’ and ‘soursop’ is a producer of delicious Caribbean fruit, and natives have always claimed of its internal healing properties.

They believe that the graviola may be effective against diabetes, muscle spasms, anxiety, panic attacks, parasites and many other illnesses as well as lowering blood pressure.  Graviola has been in the testing stage that may revolutionize the way treatments are given and can potentially save millions of lives worldwide in the fight against cancer too.

Research with the fruit at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has been promising.  Testing is showing positive results that extract of Graviola reduces breast and liver cancer cells.  The side effects are minimal in patients but some did experience nausea.

Apparently the assessment is that use of this herb reduces activity in the enzymes that reside in cancer cells.  This encouraging data has opened the possibility that trials should continue on all cancer cells.

However, the long term effects of use, and if a permanent solution in fighting cancer with Graviola are not yet known. The future looks promising for a new cancer fighting agent. If planning on taking the herb or any type of supplements for whatever reason, always consult a physician beforehand.

With such positive news on the horizon, add a bit of certainty to the wardrobe with an authentic Gucci Multicolor Rainbow Tote.

This stylish tote is beautifully crafted with GG logo monogram canvas based on a silver backdrop. The difference is the monogram is rainbow colored in a nice combination and assortment of colors that will blend no matter what color is worn. 

The pre-owned Gucci tote is a collectable and hard to find gem.

The tote features complimentary brown leather trimming and double top flat handles that has leather on the outside and the multicolor canvas on its underside.

This is an excellent tote that will be ideal for day, with the sophisticated style of Gucci that no one else will be carrying.
The used Gucci Rainbow is opened on top and proves to offer a roomy design that makes it accessible for packing up anything in it with room to spare

The interior has a neutral textile lining and one wall is adorned with the GG rainbow monogram with a leather tab stating ‘Gucci -Made in Italy’.   

An authentic Gucci Multicolor Rainbow Tote is the just the positive tag-along when heading to the market, the job place or a jaunt to the movies.

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