Boost Up a Wardrobe with a Chanel Vertical Shoulder Handbag

 One of the most eyebrow raising (literally) fashion styles of this season is eyebrow jewelry. No, this is not the type of metal ting and stud jewelry that is pierced on the brow as seen on Goths.

Despite the silly name, this is one of the quirkiest accessories of the year that may or may not take off. Only the House of Chanel can fine room for imagination and creativity in the jewelry.

The brainchild of Chanel makeup designer Peter Phillips in collaboration with Maison Lesage has introduced eyebrow jewelry. Each pieces of eyebrow jewelry is just what it says and is designed in mixture of natural gemstones, crystals, pearls and sequins that are applied right over the brow of a person’s face.

Now women can experience a new look in eye-popping colors such as red, green and purple to enhance their peoples. Eyebrow jewelry may not be for the conservative lady but is perfect to create a truly avant-garde Lady Gaga-like look.

This significantly expands it and makes the brow have a more geometrical space-age appeal.

Premiering by Chanel on the runways, many divas are planning on giving this a try and may make the eyebrow adorn with jewels that biggest hit during winter 2012. But the question is: will this fad last? Everything from go-go boots to padded shoulders to polyester suits has risen and fallen and may make eyebrow jewelry be the next causality.

Dress up an outfit  by adding a bit of contemporary design with a fabulous and authentic Chanel  Vertical Shoulder Handbag. This is a sure winning style that provides a complementary edge with and updated look to a Chanel flap.

The pre-owned Chanel is featured in the softest black lambskin leather and is patterned in a vertical quilt in an eye-catching diagonal. Kirstin Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amanda Seyfried and so many others adore not only its stunning looks and but its classic lines.

The shoulder bag presents a single flat leather strap that can be worn on the shoulder for a lengthened look of a longer drop or across the body.  

Aside from its refined and sophisticated Chanel look, this bag just spells class by its gold emblem of the distinctive CC logo turn clasp adoring the front exterior’s flap opening.

The interior of this pre-owned Chanel designer handbag provides room for more essentials than the average bag in this size. The interior is lined in burgundy leather.

The authentic Chanel  Vertical Shoulder Handbag is the perfect accompaniment and a boost to the day to day lifestyle with a trend that will forever last.

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