Cement Casual Style to a that Final Finish with a Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag

 A truly historic and fascinating location, Puerto Rico is among the best island that gives it a distinctive edge in comparison with other destinations. All of Puerto Rico is temperate by the cool, gentle breezes of the trade winds.

The long stretch of Atlantic coast to where it meets the Caribbean is home to a staggering variety of beaches.  

Whether in the city of San Juan to the shorelines of the countryside in Loiza, there is always a beach available offering countless coconut palms set against the backdrop of the misty rainforest and mountain vistas towering in the distance.

To learn about Caribbean civilization and history, a visit to the Museum of the Americas, which is housed in old Spanish barracks is a great introduction.

There are other historical towns such as 17th century Ponce, filled with fountains, Old World Spain architecture.

El Yunque National Forest is a rainforest covering over 25,000 impressive acres of wildlife and lush tropical vegetation.  Outdoor enthusiasts should also visit the Rio Camuy Caves and 10 miles of caverns.

When it comes to food, Puerto Rico has a cuisine uniquely their own. Many plates consist of rice and beans added with meat. An island favorite is fried green plantains to be enjoyed alone or as a side dish. Mofongo is another specialty prepared with mashed plantains in a delicious garlic and tomato-based sauce to compliment the fresh caught fish of the day.

A great hang around and on the go bag is the stylish and authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag. This Parisian chic casual leather saddlebag in brown is a favorite of celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Diane Kruger and Kristin Cavallar.

It is easily recognizable as the high-end Hermes by its huge “H” intial perforated on the front exterior with small holes on the brown calf leather.

The Hermes shoulder bag will set the stage in any casual setting from a beach seaside restaurant to heading into a board room of a corporation.  
A leather tab with a flap strap creates a secure opening.

This pre-owned Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel is the largest size available in the Hermes initial collection. The brown canvas shoulder strap can be removed to become a chic clutch.  

The spacious interior is lined in the same canvas as is on its exterior.  

There is a more to this multi-purpose bag than looking stunningly smart. The suede-like lined Hermes bag contains practicable space and can even hold an iPad.   

The authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag adds that final touch of high end style.

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