The Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville is Simple and Smart

The sudden change in temperature tends to have everyone begin to scratch their skin every five seconds. Especially in colder climates, the outcome causes unnecessary flakes, bleeding and scaly skin.   Here are a few tips to help avoid itchy skin this winter.

  • Get a good humidifier and have it up and running so the inside air remains moist and cool. This will keep the skin hydrated as well make it easier to breathe at night and remove stuffiness from the room.
  • Although staying hydrated all year round is a plus, it is especially important to do so in the winter as your skin needs to remain moist in order to keep it from drying out.
  • Exercising helps reduce itchy skin as it helps the blood get pumping and thus keeps one hydrated inside as well as out. It also improves oxygen levels, making a person feel more refreshed.
  • Try not to take hot showers/baths as they can make the moisture in the skin evaporate. Opt for cooler showers and rub some bath salts and oils to keep the skin feel fresh and clean without being dried out.
  •  Use a thicker and creamier moisturizer as it will help the skin stay smooth and vibrant and provide protection from cold and wind. The thicker the cream is, the less often it will have to be put it on.
  • Keep a pack of moisture enriched towelettes in a handbag and always have them in reach to douse the hands and arms even while on-the-go.

There is place to slip a pack and be within hands reach when carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Deauville Handbag. The simple and stunning design is a particular favorite of Alicia Keys

It is based in Louis Vuitton monogrammed canvas and cowhide leather trimming and is a great for daytime activities from work to play.

It states a sharp shaped frame with a welcomed large open slip pocket on its front exterior. It is similar to the Trouville but a much larger.

The double rolled handles make it a bag that is easy to carry.
A dual top zipper closure has the signature LV engraved pulls. Inside the spacious natural fabric lined bag are four open pockets with two on each wall. This makes used the Louis Vuitton Deauville easy to organize.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Deauville handbag is roomy, good looking, smart and a perfect fit for every woman.

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