The Chanel 5 Star Resort Tote is a Gem that Stands Out

 Colored gemstones can be semi precious or precious that are formulated in to jewelry. Many of these are now manmade, such as crystals, and are very difficult to tell from the natural stone.

When purchasing a gemstone as an investment, seek the help of a professional gemologist. There are numerous facts to take into account when purchasing a stone. As in diamonds, many follow the guide rules of the 3 C’s clarity, cut and carets.

However, unlike diamonds, the quality of colored gemstones are determined more so by their color. Although the color may be appealing to the eye, professional jewelers judged them by several other criteria. 

  • Hue

In most cases, stones with deep and powerful hues tend to be are more valuable. For instance an emerald stone having a yellow hue would be less desirable by a jeweler’s standard to one that is pure green.  

  • Saturation   

The intensity of the color’s saturation should be very vivid. Those that are dull often have a tinge of a gravy look. Staying mid-ground is usually best with a stone’s saturation.

  • Tone

Tone refers to how light or dark a color is. For example, baby blue would be a light tone of sapphire and in this type of stone a darker tone would be more valuable.

Different types of stones may deviate from these general guidelines,but more often than not, fine jewelers follow the rules of hue, saturation and tone.

Always elegant, stylish and sexy, the designer bag that is fine gem but with a bit edginess is the authentic Chanel 5 Star Resort Tote.

This celebrity favorite shopping tote is not only a collectable but highly regarded as a very rare bag,

Nothing can spell out Chanel any clearer than this shopping tote’s white outline and gold leather lettering accented against smooth black leather. The white also is used as the top trimming of the bag.

Turn to other side of the Chanel reveals though with black leather with blue and white stars in patent leather. The star is accented by a No. 5 crafted in gold and white patent leather.

The double silver tone link chain shoulder straps have gold patent interwoven in on one chain and the blue patent on the other.  A hidden magnetic clasp secures the bag’s closure to a roomy sized black satin-like lining.

 This large authentic Chanel tote has plenty of room for all daily essentials, with room to spare for magazines and communication devices such as an iPad.   The large main compartment offers one zippered pocket near the opening on one wall.

The authentic Chanel 5 Star Resort Tote maintains easy access and is not for resort use only. This is one with 5 Star styling. 

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