One of the lushest islands in the tropical paradise of Hawaii is Kauai. This jewel of the Pacific has been featured in several famous Hollywood films such as “South Pacific,” “The Descendants” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” There is plenty of flora, fauna and waterfalls on Kauai and the following highlights are a must.

Start a trip with visiting the beautiful Hanalei Bay, a crescent moon shaped beach which is sure to stun you with its ivory sands and glimmering mountains.

Next, head over to the Princeville Resort area featuring splendid views of both the beach side and the Makana Mountain. These vistas were seen in “South Pacific.” Finish up the first day with a traditional supper in the town of Hanalei.  The town is the famous and magical place of “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

For a swashbuckling adventure the next day, visit the peaks of Makana Mountain in Ha’ena State Park. The mountain is perhaps best known for the scenes where Jack Sparrow made his escape at the end of the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” film. The park also offers whale sightings and unforgettable ocean views.

Papaa Bay Beach is another sight that one should definitely consider seeing…that is, if the trek up the mountains to get there can be handled. The effort is certainly worth it with the beautiful turquoise beaches that are like no other.

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