Balance an Outfit Gracefully with a Chanel Lambskin Kelly

Small spaces can be difficult to decorate.  Picking the wrong color or adding out-of-place sofa pillows may make a room look more claustrophobic than it already

Any fear can be alleviated by trying these simple suggestions from interior decorators.  

  • Forget any dark colors when painting a room as they give off a more confiding attitude. In order to make a room appear comfortable and less cramped is by using bright colors such as baby blue, greens and light grays.
  • Use the same hue for the floor, walls and ceiling as this will give the impression of more space due to the illusion of perception. Floors and walls/ceiling with contrasting colors become disjointed.
  • Always take scale and proportion into factor especially with the furniture’s size in a small area. Use a mixture of small and large items in order to create the perfect balance.
  • Never clutter the room. A room filled with assorted knick-knacks creates the illusion of the walls that are closing in. Think of creative ways to place the items such as a bookcase.
  • Lighting can make the difference between cramped and comfortable. A properly lit room should have at least 3 different light sources. If there’s very little floor room, use table lamps or track lighting.  
  • Mirrors can also make it easier not only of giving off an appearance of space but also light and airiness.

Proportion works in balancing a look to smartness with the right designer handbag. One signature piece to so many celebrities, including Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham is an authentic Chanel Lambskin Kelly Handbag.

Nicknamed the ‘Kelly’ for Grace Kelly, it instantly became a chic must-have that stands the test of time.

The pre-owned Chanel is crafted in gorgeous black lambskin leather in the iconic Chanel diamond pattern.

The desired CC logo turn clasp in gold tone balances its front exterior, while comprising the entire back of the used Chanel is one large flat pocket.

The single hand-carry smooth leather handle makes it easy to tag along.  

The color of its exterior is a contrast by its inside crafted in smooth burgundy leather.  The used Chanel Kelly’s owner gains great storage space. All personal effects will sit in it neatly. There is a large flat open pocket and zippered pocket above it with the Chanel logo pull.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Kelly bag easily can become a signature piece that just belongs with the rest of the package. 

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