Fuse Directly with Style by the Influence of a Chanel Single Chain Flap

 This year, the high end 5th Ave. fashion retailer Bergdorf Goodman is commemorating their 111th anniversary. This is the place that was featured in Barbra Streisand’s Emmy winning special “My Name Is Barbara.” To memorialize this event, the luxurious store is celebrating in their usual extravagant way.

From the 'Home Decorative' tribute to 'The Glided Age' to the eye-popping chandelier, this is one tribute that any fashionista doesn’t want to miss.

A private party will be held at the Plaza last week along with a private screening of a tell-all documentary film about the history and influence of Bergdorf Goodman’s, titled “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”.

Writers, fashion designers, celebrities and other influential figures detail about their experiences at the legendary store with a companion book being given out for free.

Linda Fargo, the woman responsible for the unique and iconic window designs, was also the main style expert and tastemaker for many of the city’s inhabitants. Time Magazine has named her as a ‘Woman in Luxury.’

Now serving as Chief VP, she is also the co-writer and director of the documentary and several books.  Linda has become an instrumental part of Bergdorf Goodman’s long term success just as Bergdorf has done for her.

Bergdorf’s has seen many fashionista walk through their doors over the years and none would be as impressive as an authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap bag.

This is not only stylish but will always be carried close to the hip.

This unusual pre-owned Chanel flap has fused puffed stitching that flows in with the framing of the bag in waves. It is crafted in soft black lambskin leather and complimented by its signature CC logo in antique looking gold tone that is embedded within chain link roping.

The tasteful Chanel flap contains a single gold link chain, interwoven with fine black leather. The strap presents an elongated look as its length hits the hip from the shoulder.  

The styling behind this used Chanel is extremely rare and will be classified as a true innovative collectable for Chanel lovers.

This stunning leather Chanel flap opens up via a magnetic snap closure.  Everything that is required as pure necessity will fit within the burgundy fabric and black leather lined bag with ease.  One side wall contains a zippered pocket with the CC logo pull. Directly above it is a slip in pocket.

Any discerning woman will cherish an authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap bag as pure luxury and iconic as the 111th year anniversary of Bergdorf Goodman.

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