Have a Picture Perfect Design with the Gucci Black Leather Wallet

Famous celebrity photographer Mario Testino plans to stage his first US based exhibition of his works at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Testino, who is perhaps best known for his daring and often provocative photographs of famous figures such as Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Madonna, is planning on unveiling a new showcase entitled “In Your Face”.

The exhibit is aptly named because the photographs show celebrities in a very unorthodox way. One example would be of football player Tom Brady, seen screeching to the audience with a Doberman dog making the exact same face.  

Testino is in very high demand nowadays as he has done glamorous and glossy photographs for magazines as Vogue, Vanity Fair and fashion houses with his perfect faces, beautifully lit up with truly strange and unusual outfits. The 57 year old artist’s ideology is he attempts to make the average man look at people in a way that was never seen before.

The line between commercialism and art is crossed a few times in his work, most notably with his photos of Versace outfits.  Testino has claimed that he wishes to do the exhibition to not only prove that the museum wasn’t just  “a grand dame who couldn’t let her hair down”, but also to make the museum appeal to the younger generation and get them interested in the arts.

Gucci is another of Mario Testino’s conquests in the world of his photography and his celebrity subjects always desire a designer wallet.  

An authentic Gucci Black Wallet is long, slim and trim it is not only beautifully crafted with the iconic GG monogram canvas and black leather trim, it is extremely functional. A Gucci wallet makes for a great gift or become a wonderful addition to carry money and cards within it.

The exterior is closed via silver tone piston hardware making it even stylishly chic. The back of the pre-owned wallet contains an opening ideal for spare coins.

Once opened, the completely black leather lined interior contains eight slots for credit cards, ID and drivers license. There is a slip-in pocket above also.

The other side wall has three open compartments for bills and other items.

The used Gucci wallet can be used as a clutch for those times when it doesn’t call for a large handbag.

The authentic Gucci Black Leather Wallet is just as much in demand as being a subject in one of Mario Testino’s photographs. 

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