The Chanel Caviar Medallion Tote is Always Fashionable No Matter What Designs are on the Horizon

 The fashion world is an interesting beast. As soon as one certain style goes out, another one pops up almost immediately to take its place.

The slim trousers of past seasons are still in but the runway shows in Paris, New York and Milan has made the wide legged jeans the hottest trend of the winter season.

Many celebrities and prominent figures have been seen sporting the pants which mean that the popularity of this fashion statement is sure to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Unlike many other fashion styles, it can be worn by any woman and finally offers extra comfort and flexibility. However, take in consideration of what body type one is in order to make a good appearance with the wide leg slacks.

Leg length is an important component and knowing that will make it easier to choose the right type of wide pants.

For example, for those with shorter legs, don’t wear extra wide legs but one with a thin flare works fine. The same rule applies to woman with wider hips to not go for exaggerated cuts. However, they can go for a mid- wide slacks to create a very subtle appearance.

Tall women can wear flats or sandals. Shorter gals should place the height on as to not appear shorter with a wider cut trouser.

Wider leg slacks and jean, however good the appearance and fit, will not make any fashionable impression without the right accessories.

The authentic Chanel Caviar Medallion is one such designer handbag where one style fits all. Appear chic and polished with this gem that proudly sits on the arms of Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Ashley Greene and many other celebrities.

Known as the ultimate in luxury craftsmanship, it makes good sense to carry not only a good looking Chanel bag but one that is very durable as well.

This pre-owned Chanel Medallion is crafted in scrumptious puffed quilted basic black caviar leather so it is versatile to use anywhere and anytime. Fine quality hardware is featured in gold tone.

Covering the front exterior of the savvy shopper is an embossed and huge CC logo, while the other side contains an extra large patch pocket.

The distinctive gold tone CC dangling medallion hanging over the side is attached to the top zip closure.  

The interior of this used Chanel Caviar Tote is spacious with plenty of space to carry all personal necessities. It is lined in soft and smooth black leather.  A zippered pocket is found on one wall with a CC gold tine pull.  

The authentic Chanel Caviar Medallion Tote is a timeless addition to any wardrobe that will last and look great no matter what new designs are on the horizon.

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